I have to do something. I'm capable of doing more. I don't have to explain myself or contain myself. I have a valuable point of view that deserves to be shared with anyone who would like to cohabit this creative space with me. I'm inspired. I'm alive. Even if I were dead, I'd still be affecting change on this plane and planet.

We grow everywhere from here. Stand tall, not still. See how the trees dance...

Screen and things make me scream. This virtual reality is abnormal. But, it makes you feel like you are going somewhere. These are borrowed powers. The only way to sustain them is through extraction of time and lithium. Batteries power everything...


I'm trying to focus, but everything seems so out of focus. I want to slow down, but everything around me demands so much time, attention, energy. I've been here before though. And I've passed with flying colors. Rainbowed actually.