New Universe

New Universe

I've been trying to exit corporate owned social media for years now, but it proves to be useful in at least staying remotely connected to a global community...even if we have to swim through the mass of ads, which rarely add value. I've become more motivated to take on more direct ownership of my assets and creation recently. If you are wondering how, please feel free to ask me and I'll share the resources I've found. Gotta keep some things private to stay secure, right?

All that being said, I start writing this post because I told myself that I would start to write more when I started  my journey through law school. Making a practice of writing more frequently will help me develop in many ways. My own "blog" allows me to use this platform as a creative outlet, document and share what I'm learning, and participate in the public commons by making sure my "voice" and perspective is heard.

Well, I've just been accepted into 1 of the 3 law schools I applied to! So happy right now :). I'll be a 1L fall of 2021! So far I've gotten one acceptance, one denial, and am waiting on the third law school to respond, but I am very hopeful of what's to come.

I've also been recently motivated to create and share more thanks to the project by Balaji S. Srinivasan. This project is meant to motivate people to complete specific tasks that would allow you to learn something new or begin a practice that is beneficial for your health. If you complete the task you have a chance to earn #Bitcoin.

This sparked something in me when I listened to this prolific episode on the Tim Ferriss Show podcast. I feel like I'm in a new universe, as I believe each choice we make takes us on a path through the multi-verse that follows our intention. Peace and blessings. Light, life, and love.

Please listen. Note this episode is over 3 hours long. Digest at your leisure and interest.