Open Ocean

Open Ocean

Work as play, producing prosperity.

Communication. What makes up most of our experience of reality. Everything is built on the exchange of information of what value is what we term as currency currently. Blockchains are just valued information links; which could be called anything, but it might be one of the clearest abstractions of the information economy we find ourselves in.

NFTs are a static representation of the subjective belief of the value of related hubs of information nexuses.

Time is a value that we perceive to move in one direction. These "markets" of information generally follow that same principle, but also allow us to suspend our belief and practice of the direction of flow – as exchange can happen in many directions at once.

We stream our lives online. The metaverse is now our reality. This has been known, as everything has always been connected. We are just now creating the "tools" of omniscience.