There is something about starting over, or starting fresh. Reload and reboot. Update and change. It's something that our bodies go through constantly. It's also nice to boot up in a way where there may be a narrative in place, but no particular expectations for you.

In these spaces I tend to be and feel more creative. The circle and the cypher are wonderful places to freestyle within the bounds of foundation. Inevitably though there are times when and where we find ourselves stuck in patterns that we've created or that were set before us and we decided to dig into them deeper, some thinking we might find something new in them.

There can be new perspectives gained this way, exploring the patterns of others, but it's not something we should become locked in to. I'm seeking to start Phresh here and create new patterns for myself, that weave into others creations and develop a beautiful mesh of existence. I will continue to add in any way I can think of and create and have this be a hub of sorts to seek and sift through to find new perspectives.

I hope you enjoy the experience that I share here. I look forward to sharing in your experience as well.

Peace and wholeness.

The peace Maker
Photo by Arcot Gautham / Unsplash