There are a lot of planets in retrograde right now. Probably part of the reason I've been feeling all over the place and super focused on setting up things for the future. I've never really focused on what could hold me in the past, but I must take some time and learn and absorb the wisdom previous experiences have to teach us.

I'm thankful for all I've been through and all my ancestors have engrained in our DNA and way of being. We must also create and pass on our own contribution and healing. It's easy to forget these axioms on the daily. Wrapped up in our individual existences. Here I find solace in just being able to share my thoughts in a different form. I look forward to the time where I am actively contributing and participating fully in a transformative community.

But these planets tho. They kind of sketch what the playing field will be like for the the mean time. In between time we manifest our dream time. Believe, time is not something you leave behind.


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