Too early to tell

Too early to tell

This election has shown me how much we need to communicate more of our deepest thoughts and feelings rather than shove them in a box where we allow others to delegate our energies. If/when I participate in this game it will be as an Independent. Why be beholden to any particular way of belief and being if you are trying to repesent a diverse community.

I've thankfully slowed down my social media and news consumption, so I do not feel the anxiety that others bemoan about during this election season. I am dedicated to shifting the perspective fully. Not to the left or right or center, but to the reality that we all experience a different spectrum of reality and we have to act and govern in ways that are sensitive to all of us. Systems that can positively react and mold solutions for all of us that doens't destroy one for the benefit of another are what is necessary and will come to pass.

This is the end of the oppressive patriarchy at large. Ignorance doesn't belong here.


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